• Fortronics LTD, Forestry Electronic Choker Systems

Where Forestry Meets Electronics

Fortronics Ltd. designs and manufactures radio controlled choker systems, primarily for timber recovery. Our systems are proven to: 

  • increase efficiency between 12-45%
  • provide better profitability; and
  • improve safety.

Our name reflects our pivotal position in the business you're in.

We operate where Forestry meets Electronics. We apply our electronics knowledge to improve efficiency, safety and bottom-line results for businesses and contractors in the forestry industry.

We've been in the business for more than a decade. It's all we do. And the research and design development we have undertaken has produced a world-class product, proven to contribute benefits to the worldwide forestry industry.

Find out what other benefits Fortronics chokers can provide your operation.


Contact one of our dealers for sales, servicing and spare parts, or contact us directly for further information.

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