• Fortronics LTD, Forestry Electronic Choker Systems

Parts & Service

We take great pride in providing excellent after-sales service. Our experienced dealers are available to offer any assistance you may require.

Ordering spare parts

Email, fax or phone your local Fortronics dealer for same-day parts dispatch.

   United States & Canada:

   ACME Manufacturing Inc.

   Phone: (541) 741-2200
   Fax: (541) 741-2212
   Email: mail@acmecarriages.com


   New Zealand & Australia:

   Shaw's Wire Ropes

   Phone: (+64) 7 823 4029
   Fax: (+64) 7 823 4059
   Email: sales@wireropes.co.nz

Refer to our comprehensive Parts and Service Manual. Simply state the part number and the quantity required. Confirmation will be sent to you upon the receipt of your order.

Batteries & servos

Batteries and servo motors are both are plug-in devices, making replacement a simple task.

ACME Manufacturing Inc

Exclusive dealers for
USA & Canada.
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Shaws Wire Ropes

Exclusive dealers for
New Zealand & Australia.
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